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Ningbo Yinzhou Keming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the supplier of manufacturing casting in China.


What we insist on is to do the best made in China. we have more than 20 years of export experience.

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Complete facilities and superior quality control allow us to satisfy customer satisfaction at all stages of production.

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We make products and services made in China, provide products that meet the requirements and competitive prices

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Our company is located in the famous industrial town Yinzhou, Ningbo in China. It is very convenient to be reached with an advantageous geographic position. Our company was established in 2003, it covers a total area of 5000 square meters and now has more than 50 employees.We have the modern factory and the advanced CNC machining equipment. Now focus on the steel investment casting oem production. Keming Machinery provides casting services such as Investment Casting, Shell Mold Sand Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Water Glass Casting, Lost Wax Casting, etc.

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