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  • In the realm of metalworking, iron lost wax casting stands as a testament to the intersection of ancient craftsmanship and modern technology. This ancient technique, which dates back thousands of years, continues to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge advancements to produce intricate and durable iron castings.


  • CNC machining, as a cutting-edge mechanical manufacturing technology, represents the trend of high-precision and high-efficiency automated production.


  • Investment casting is an advanced casting process that relies on the use of refractory molds to shape and produce precise metal parts. It has the following advantages:


  • The significant advantages of lost wax casting technology are reflected in the following aspects:


  • Water glass castings may face some common quality problems during the production process.


  • Turning machining is a process based on the principle of rotational cutting and is used to accurately shape and size various parts. The core of this processing method is to use a lathe as a working platform. The cutting tool installed on it will rotate along the axial direction of the workpiece at high speed.


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