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What is Precision Machining?


Precision machining is a high-tech manufacturing process designed to achieve higher machining accuracy and surface quality.

The process of precision machining usually involves the use of precision machine tools, advanced processing technology and precise measurement methods, with the aim of producing high-precision, high-complexity parts. The accuracy range of precision machining is usually between 10 microns and 0.1 microns, and the surface roughness is less than 0.1 microns.

Precision machining is widely used in production and industry, including machinery, automobile manufacturing, semiconductors, aerospace and many other fields. This processing technology can not only improve the performance and durability of the product itself, but also meet the customized requirements of some customers' products and enhance the company's brand recognition.

During the precision machining process, the requirements for details are very strict, and no damage is usually allowed. The entire machining process requires extreme precision. Common precision machining technologies include computer numerical control machining, cutting, milling, turning and electric discharge machining. These technologies often involve complex designs and precise controls to ensure high product accuracy and quality.

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